Coding , adaptation and reset latest cluster from platform PQ25, PQ35, PQ46 such as :
VW CC - 3C8920880T , 3C8920881A 3C8920881B 3C8920881 3C8920881A 3C8920881B  3C8920981M 3C8920981N
Passat B7 - 3AA920881 3AA920881A 3AA920881B 3AA920881C 3AA920881D
VW Transporter T6 7E0920880M 7E0920880N
VW Touran 1T0920885N 1T0920885M
VW Golf 6 Cabrio 5K7920882 5K7920882B 5K6920884A 5K6920884B
VW Scirocco 1K8920885 1K8920875F 1K8920875D 1K8920875C
VW Eos 1Q0920886
vw Tiguan 5N0920883D 5N0920883E 5N0920883F 5N0920883G 5N0920983J 5N0920983K 5N0920983L
VW Jetta 5C6920875A 5C6920974A
VW Caddy 2K0920876B 2K5920876 2K0920876D 2K5920876A 2K0920876E 2K5920886E (sw2021 / 2030)
VW Sharan 7N0920870M Q 7N0920880F 7N0920880G 7N0920880H 7N0920880J 7N0920880L (SW1104) 7N0920880N (SW2030) 7N0920880Q (SW3010)
Seat Alhambra 7N5920880A 7N5920880 7N5920980 7N5920980A
Skoda octavia 1Z0920843 Update SW to 0622 all version with epp 24C32 / 24C64
Skoda SuperB 3T1920843 Update SW to 0811 all version with epp 24C32 / 24C64

Repair "Interlan control Module Chekcusm Error" after other interfaces or wrong adaptation / other tools

10485825 - Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error
B2000 41 [137] - General checksum failure

00003 - Control Module

014 - Defective

Software upgrate with SW 0606, 0608, 0611 to latest 0705, 1004, 1104 (3D graphic)
For example 7N0920880E 7N0920880D 3AA920880R 3AA920880N 1T0920885D 1Q0920886B 1K8920883 5N0920883B 5N0920883C 7E0920880J

Software update  TEST cluster version with software X , also early 3D such as 0703 to 0705/0725/1004/1104 (depend of car platform)

Software update  Black / White cluster to proper display PLA 2.0 or  new  Bluetooth phone book /  icons , especially   for latest 3C8  Novero HT-4 or MIB 2 PQ

Add Polish language to Black / White, color cluster (for example 3AA920880)
KeylessGo KEy learning for PQ35 platform such as Golf Mk6, Jetta , Scirocco, Tiguan, Shara 7N, Eos,  Skoda SuperB
Enable Needle Swept , DLR indicator , configure cluster for cabrio cars ( golf 6 cabrio, Eos)
Reconfigure US/UK cluster to EU

hardware repair , CPU NEC u70F3426 and /or missing 24C32/ 24C64 epp