Car with :

-Proper ABS pump , supporting ACC coding

-NEC cluster with MFA

-Gateway with CAN Extended

-MFSW with ACC or ACC stalk

-ECU with ACC support

-manual / DSG gear box (both can support ACC)


Some EDC16* supporting ACC from factory , some other not

To check this - you need :

-VCDS - > go to  ECU (01)- Login II (if your car already with CCS, you need  disable CCS  (login 16167), ign OFF, wait 15sec, do IGN on, login ECU (13647)

ECU with CCS  show  this configuration :



ECU with ACC show this

Please know - config status will not change if you not do ign OFF and ON after proper login

the most important - what error show ECU after coding:

1- no error or  - ECU not support ACC</strong>

2- Error - Please check coding in Power train databus - ECU not support ACC</strong>

3- No communication with J428 /Adaptive Cruise Control  - YES, ECU support ACC


If 1 or 2 , you can read FLASH from ECU and send to modyfication

we can help you to modify ECU flash dump only if you buy unlocked radar

if you not sure your ECU type , send picture , ECU dump , VCDS autoscan .


EDC16 require additional EMULAOR , this is need to fully support 7N0 ACC radar due to missing  factory message from ECU


    Add ECU dump (limit 3MB, RAR file only)

    ADD VCDS autoscan (limit 100KB, TXT file only