Hello everyone who want to vist my page.

I will post here some helpful information about my modyfications.

This is what I did  is easy , require some basic  electronic skils , but as Y ou can see, it change your gokart completly 🙂

Whart  we need :

front indicators

front lamps 

rear lamps with indicators 

lathing switch

battery (I recommend you to use some 18650 cells ,  good  fit under left side cover is 3S5P package, you can use any 12V  with right capacity and size  you need.

1 x 4 PIN  GX14 connector 

1  6 PIN GX14 connector 

1 x 6PIn  SMR 2.54 connector (male + female) 

Universal PBC 

4m 0.25mm wires (green, yellow, red, black, white, orange colors)

JST 2.54  6 pin connectors male + female

Dual voltage comparator 12V 

Single voltage comparator 12V

48T small gear 

85T big gear 

Gear bracket for 15mm shaft SCSAW 15x35x12



Step 1 - make a proper front lamps connection

They use commong GROUND , so all black wires you need connect toogethere

LAMPS wires also connect toogethere - because they will activate toogethere

only indicators need separate wires, because they will be ON indyvidual (left & right)



Step 2: Mount  both GX16 connector in black plate (need remove first top cover)

one connector is for  front lights , another one is for  battery and back lights

keep  cables color  like i show on another picture

Green 1  = R Indicators

Green 2  L indicators

Black = GND

RED = Power  12v from battery

White = Power after swich  for front lights and back lights

Orange = Read Brake lights


connect both  GX connector  and keep  about 20cm left cables


GX16-4 is going to front lamps

GX16-6 is going to battery andread lamps


Drawing PDF


This is main connection diagram

Brake function:

When ypou apply brake - it simple provide voltage to Ninebot controler (top PCB)

If more brake = more voltage, if less brake = less voltage

to activate simple "relay" function you can use "Voltage comparator"

it compare power voltage (our 12v) to voltage you aplly to activare brake

so is perfect for  simple brake function


Steering angle sensor 

Angle sensor working similar like Brake Module

you use potentiometer - if you turn left - voltage between middle pin and left is getting less than between middle and right

If you turn right - voltage status between pins is change in reverse way

so our Dual Voltage comparator ompare that and do function 1 - swich relay 1 , or function 2 - switch relay 2


Because poteniometer can turn only 180-200 degrees , you need  to use gear to do 1:2 or even higer ratio to not damage it